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Professional Experience

Professional Experience

As an example we collaborate with

  • Banking and investment field: We have collaborated with important financial entities regarding non-resident investment in Spain , brought all kind of actions in order to recover debts, advisory services over real estate from a planning point of view or in public actions, payment in kind etc.
  • Counseling of different public companies and foundations
  • Collaboration with different municipal bodies regarding the town planning development and management
  • Collaboration with foreign public entities with their relations to Spain
  • Insurance companies and civil liabilities
  • Real Estate and town planning advising national and foreign developing and construction companies regarding real estate investments.
  • Tile industry. Counseling of various companies of that field in their international expansion.
  • Resident and non-resident private and company business and patrimonial matters
  • Great experience in bankruptcy law and restructuring of companies in crisis with a practical due to our experience as insolvency administrators appointed by the commercial courts.


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